MuSool Hapkido

MuSool Hapkido is a system with roots in traditional Hapkido yet remaining open to the evolution that all martial arts must undergo over time. The curriculum is structured based on learner-based objectives and is divided into three levels of training:

  • MuSool Hapkido Fundamentals – White belt through Green belt
  • MuSool Hapkido Transitions – Green belt through Purple belt
  • MuSool Hapkido Evolutions –  Purple belt through Black Belt

We have classes for both Juniors and Adults. Check out the Class Schedule page to register for a free MuSool Hapkido Fundamentals class.

MuSool Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a not only a martial art, but it is also an international martial sport. It is a kicking and striking art, but is tempered by the guiding principles of courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit.

While we focus on learning self-discipline, sportsmanship, and self-defense, we still strive to have fun each and every time we step on the mat.

We have several Taekwondo programs available:

  • Taekwondo Basics – White belt students
  • Taekwondo Fundamentals – Yellow through Orange belt
  • Mini-MuSool Taekwondo Fundamentals – Under the age of 7
  • Taekwondo Transitions – Green belt through Blue belt
  • Taekwondo Evolutions – Red belts and up
  • Open Taekwondo – Open class for all Taekwondo students
  • Sport Taekwondo – Olympic Style Sparring

Check out the Class Schedule page to register for a free class. Choose from Taekwondo Basics, Mini-MuSool Taekwondo, or Open Taekwondo.

SHIELD Against Bullying

At MuSool Academy, we understand that bullying is a unique and growing problem across the country. In an attempt to help stand up to bullying, the SHIELD Against Bullying program is based on 5 important guiding principles:

  • Safety – Stay safe, first and foremost.
  • Help – Help others whenever possible.
  • Involve – Involve parents, teachers, and other trusted adults.
  • Educate – Educate yourself and others to recognize and help prevent bullying.
  • Listen – Listen – really listen – to others who are reaching out for help.
  • Defend – Use physical self-defense to stay safe as a last resort.

SHIELD Empowered – Women’s Self-Defense

The SHIELD Empowered – Women’s Self-Defense program gives you the tools to protect yourself when others threaten your safety.

Learn more about this unique program at

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